Wineries and Wine

In the Penedès have been numerous family businesses that produce their own wines with remarkable success,
Wines that allow us to know the land better and are worthy companions of our stay, wedding or celebration

In early July, is organized Vilafranca Vi Jazz . where you can do a tasting of wineries and attend jazz performances.

It is also interesting to see the wine routes routes of cava i wine, way-marked walks where you can visit the wineries, the monuments and savor its gastronomy.

Interesting is the website of the Penedès appellation of origin where the wineries are located on the map


Cooperativa de Sant Jaume dels Domenys

DO Penedès. Develops appreciated white wines i cavas

Oriol Rosell , a family business that makes vins i qualitat caves of the Penedès amb raïms procedents of seva Can Cassanyes own farm.

Emendis Emendis House, the stately old farmhouse, located in the municipality of Castellet and Gornal, keep a concept of wines and champagnes.
Mont Marçal Wine, SA Winery Inc. was founded in 1975 by Sancho family. Since its inception and sparkling wines are high quality, with the most advanced technological means, of Appellations of Origin Penedès and more recently Catalunya.

Caves Nadal Enric Nadal
Personality and quality that we provided each bottle is achieved by applying Nadal tradition, experience, some technology and a rigorous control of the entire process: from planting the vine to the finished product marketing.

Some wineries and caves
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Mediterranean plants

Mediterranean plants


A walk on the field is a unique opportunity to take stock of feelings, colors and smells and go home with our renewable energy.

Contact with nature through plants is a source of positive energy to revitalize our private minds and our senses.

Some, even we can bring a little souvenir in the form of bag for cabinets, rosemary or lavender or small sprig for garnish, or to help in the kitchen, thyme and rosemary, which extends these positive feelings in our body.

Of the plants that we find we can highlight the following groups:


Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis


Aromatic shrub, can be flavored sachets for closets.

It is widely used to flavor meat dishes, like lamb, chicken, soups and grilled fish to tomato sauces, etc. ..

Great stimulant and antioxidant capacity. Taken infusion helps the airways and facilitates digestion and cleansing the body

Much appreciated by bees, honey thyme.


Very aromatic. Used for colonies (a distillation is performed to obtain the essence of lavender, which then mixed with alcohol and stabilizers are sold as lavender water)



Antiseptic, expectorant and pectoral: Thyme is a powerful antiseptic. Kills germs and reduces the symptoms of the infections they produce.

It is also a good tract that prevents the formation of gases. Very rich in iron and whets the appetite

Application culinary thyme soup to roasted meat because it facilitates the digestion of fats.

In oil can serve as a condiment in salads

Together with basil is mosquito repellent



In the Mediterranean area mainly include olives.

We can find trees with several hundred years that stand firmly in the landscape

A very appreciated variety is called Arbequina. Your aceiye is fruity and aromatic high quality


the vineyard is another key element in the landscape.

Ek color shades, mainly in autumn. Pleasant evocation of its fruits are to walk through the vineyards is a pleasant and relaxing sensation

Among the varieties include the parellada, white, used for making champagne and tempranillo red wines


One of the richest and most diverse regions of Europe and the area of wine production and more international projection of Catalonia: Penedes, notable also for product quality and dynamism of its people.

The lands are formed by small hills rising from the sea to Montserrat, through small valleys of different rivers.

The climate is Mediterranean, temperate, warm and soft, with considerable seasonal temperature fluctuations. The low rainfall and high sunshine contribute to the Penedès area ideal for growing vines.

The diversity of wine is the most prominent feature of the Penedès. Great producer of white wines, most of them are for the production of champagne.

The traditional white wines are light, aromatic, lively and with little body. Sparkling wines and roses are fragrant, with intense aroma and persistent.

In recent times, has significantly increased the production of red wines, which have body, are silky, aromatic and balanced.

To learn more about the wines of Penedes
Some minor routes that help us to know the landscape of vineyards and small wineries, and visit many churches:

1.- Short path by the stream of Marmellar enlace

2.- 7km 3 horas .  Ruta de las  bodegas: Oriol Rosell , Fabrica de vidre, Lavern Noya, Emendis  enlace

3.- 10 km 4horas .Ladera del Montmell : Capella San Sadurdi , Acces al Castellot     enlace

4.- 13km 4 horas . Castellvi, La Munia enlace

To make a paella

How to make a fish paella for 10 people.

We need a 50cm paella and a special barbecue

1. Previously prepare the broth: In large pot boil the rock fish 1kg in 5L of water. Currently, the stock can be found prepared

2 .- Prepare the fried: onion, tomato salt


3. Ingredients that will: sepia, tuna, monkfish, prawns

4. Extra virgin olive oil, to coat the bottom of the paella


5.-We had the prawns by oil

6. Put the squid and monkfish


7. Put the onion and tomato

8 .- We salt


9 Put the rice bomb, to fry lightly-A small cup of coffee per person

10 Regulate the fire


11. We monitor the fire that is equally distributed. We put some broth if necessary. The paella here

Port Aventura

Amusement Park located in Salou. To spend a day of emotions


During a weekend full Guimerà streets of medieval music, theater, workshops, spectacle and magic.

Lugar : Guimerà

Dirección :

Contacto : Ajuntament de Guimerà –

Tel : 973303038 – Fax :


Beaches Costa Dorada

The beaches of the Costa Dorada are shallow, sandy and clean and transparent waters.

Notably the  hot springs or area of  Comarruga

Sant salvador (Calafell)                                                                 Comarruga

platges_cas-ale commarruga

Playa de Tamarit

En dirección a Tarragona, encontramos el castillo de Tamarit y las playas de Tamarit y de la Mora


Podemos encontrar un dosier de las playas de la Costa Dorada en   platges_cas-ale