Cistercian monasteries

Cistercian Monasteries

Three wonders of medieval architecture worth visiting along the route GR175 or

La ruta del cister.

Santes Creus, Poblet; Vallbona


Poblet Monastery was founded in 1151 by King Ramon Berenguer IV, and built the first of the three.

The monastery, is Romanesque and the cloister s.XII-XIII, the refectory and the chapter house. The altarpiece, s. XVI, is of alabaster.
The dormitories were built in the eighteenth. Your Library is the XVIIth century. The facade is baroque. The abbey church, is Cistercian style.
In this monastery are buried several Kings.
During the Carlist War of 1835, the monastery was burned and restored in 1930. The monastic life was recovered from 1940.
In Poblet, still resides a community of monks.

poblet entrada

Santes Creus 

It was founded in the twelfth century by the Cistercian Order. In 1835 he suffered a secularization, there is no monastic life there. It is a Romanesque building, which has an extraordinary Chapter House. The church of the Monastery is a transitional style from Romanesque to
Gothic and Flamboyant Gothic, as the first cloister. Thus kings are buried Catalanoragonesa Crown Jaime II and Peter the Great.
Also Admiral Roger de Llúria is Esterre there. Highlights also dels Monjos The Bedroom, which has a sound so good, that cycles are
annual concert

Santa Maria de Vallbona

It is in the county of Urgell in Lleida. Founded in 115  3 by order of Violante of Hungary, wife of James I the Conqueror
but he joined the Cistercian Order in 1176. It is the only all-female of the route. It’s not big, but beautiful.
It notes the woman’s hand, and deducts the importance that women had in the Middle Ages. Many of the daughters of the nobility were stationed there.
2 are preserved Gothic impressive domes, one of them rests on the ship. The Romanesque cloister.
This monastery has a collection of the most important Catalan shields. In it are buried the Queen and her daughter Violante.

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>> 7 .- You can visit the medieval monasteries of Poblet, Santes Creus and the medieval town of Montblanc.

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