To make a paella

How to make a fish paella for 10 people.

We need a 50cm paella and a special barbecue

1. Previously prepare the broth: In large pot boil the rock fish 1kg in 5L of water. Currently, the stock can be found prepared

2 .- Prepare the fried: onion, tomato salt


3. Ingredients that will: sepia, tuna, monkfish, prawns

4. Extra virgin olive oil, to coat the bottom of the paella


5.-We had the prawns by oil

6. Put the squid and monkfish


7. Put the onion and tomato

8 .- We salt


9 Put the rice bomb, to fry lightly-A small cup of coffee per person

10 Regulate the fire


11. We monitor the fire that is equally distributed. We put some broth if necessary. The paella here