One of the richest and most diverse regions of Europe and the area of wine production and more international projection of Catalonia: Penedes, notable also for product quality and dynamism of its people.

The lands are formed by small hills rising from the sea to Montserrat, through small valleys of different rivers.

The climate is Mediterranean, temperate, warm and soft, with considerable seasonal temperature fluctuations. The low rainfall and high sunshine contribute to the Penedès area ideal for growing vines.

The diversity of wine is the most prominent feature of the Penedès. Great producer of white wines, most of them are for the production of champagne.

The traditional white wines are light, aromatic, lively and with little body. Sparkling wines and roses are fragrant, with intense aroma and persistent.

In recent times, has significantly increased the production of red wines, which have body, are silky, aromatic and balanced.

To learn more about the wines of Penedes
Some minor routes that help us to know the landscape of vineyards and small wineries, and visit many churches:

1.- Short path by the stream of Marmellar enlace

2.- 7km 3 horas .  Ruta de las  bodegas: Oriol Rosell , Fabrica de vidre, Lavern Noya, Emendis  enlace

3.- 10 km 4horas .Ladera del Montmell : Capella San Sadurdi , Acces al Castellot     enlace

4.- 13km 4 horas . Castellvi, La Munia enlace