Masía Vallfort, a historic building

It is documented Mr. Bernat de Vallfort knight of year 1213. The Vallfort farmhouse is a fortified building with registered origin of the fifteenth century.

Building located on a small hill at the edge of the stream of Marmellar, and very close to Lleger.

It is accessed through a bastion with a low arch door. The structure of the building is supported by buttresses. The materials used are irregular ashlars. It should be noted its defensive nature.

The building has different construction stages and retains the character of its history, as a defensive enclave in La Marca and visible in its high ceilings and stone arches. Presses from 1788 show us the importance of the past of this farmhouse, which was the farm of monks and the refuge of gentlemen in the Penedes, land of wines, caves and nature.

Historic references

Vallfort house is a building cataloged as a national monument and appears in numerous medieval references.