To make the reservation effective, the corresponding signal must be paid (Approx. 30-50% of the total amount), sending the bank confirmation by email within 24 hours of receiving the reservation email (offers and last minute, the same day), in the account number provided, indicating the name of VALLFORT and the date of stay. If the bank confirmation is not received within the established margin, the reservation will be automatically canceled, without prior notice and made available to other potential clients.

Payment Methods

The remaining amount can be paid on arrival at the house (ALWAYS upon delivery of the keys) or by bank transfer, at least 7 days before arrival and communicating it to the property in advance.


Upon arrival at the house, a deposit of €200 to €500 will be given. Groups of adults under 26 years of age and other events such as weddings, communions, etc., consult reservation conditions.

The deposit covers, among others, the breaking of furniture, leaving the house untidy and not separating the garbage in glass, containers and its placement in the garbage area in the containers outside the farmhouse.


Garbage is collected door to door and it is only collected if it is correctly separated.

Containers: Yellow (plastic containers and cans), blue (paper and cardboard), black (rest), brown (organic), green (glass), if there is no container, it is necessary to leave it in a closed bag in the container area.


Coexistence regulations must be respected (schedules for sound equipment, consumption of alcoholic beverages in public, etc.) that govern the entire municipal area, with the maximum decibels allowed outdoors being 40db until 10 p.m. and prohibited after 10 p.m. of this hour. Failure to comply with these regulations may give rise to a complaint from the competent authority and the subsequent financial penalty.


After 10 p.m., music is not allowed outside, avoiding noise that may disturb the neighbors. If you want to play music after 10 p.m., it is only possible inside in the press room, keeping the door that leads to the parking lot closed and avoiding noise in the parking area.

The entry of power speakers or mixing consoles without express authorization is not permitted throughout the farmhouse. This may cause the loss of the deposit.

In the event of a wedding, once the disco is finished in the wedding space, only the guests of the farmhouse will access the house, avoiding putting on music and noises that may disturb the neighbors.


Access to the farmhouse is exclusive for people who stay overnight and the property must be previously informed. In no case are people allowed who have not been previously informed, both inside the house, such as the porch with barbecue, garden or pool. In the case of guests, with prior authorization, additional fees may apply.

Any catering or service provider must be informed to the property to ensure compliance with the house rules.

Check in and Check out

The weekend check-in time on Friday from 16-18h, the check-out time is on Sunday coinciding with the check-in time. In the same way, if the entry time is in the morning, the exit must be at the same time. In summer the usual check-in time is from 4pm to 6pm and on the morning of departure at 10am.


Dogs or cats are not allowed inside the houses for hygiene reasons, unless expressly authorized at the time of booking.


The rent includes: bed and bath linen, running water and electricity, appliances, crockery, cutlery, glassware, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, furniture, and cleaning before arrival as well as cleaning at the end of the User’s stay. During the stay, cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant. In the event that the house is returned in poor conditions of cleanliness or order both indoors and outdoors, the cleaning costs will be deducted from the deposit given, as well as misuse, breakages and lack of lingerie, decorative elements, utensils and furniture.


Any fireworks and flares are expressly prohibited. Neither in lighting a fire except in the places expressly indicated for it. The use of “confetti” both indoors and outdoors is also prohibited.


It is completely forbidden to smoke inside the farmhouse either in the common spaces or in the rooms.


We inform you that swimming pools integrated into tourist accommodation in the modalities of residence-rural houses regulated in Decree 214/1995, of June 27, are excluded from the obligations of presence of rescue, first-aid and surveillance personnel (DOGC no. 2085, of 7.8.1995)


This pool does not have a lifeguard and rescue service or surveillance for bathers.

Access to and use of the pool is prohibited for children under 14 years of age without the presence of a responsible adult.

The user is responsible for the proper use of the pool area and for any accident that occurs in it.

The use of any glass material (glasses, plates…) is strictly prohibited in order to safeguard the safety of users.


The owner may automatically terminate the contract in the following cases:

Access by occupants, pets or vendors not previously authorized by the property.

The assignment or sublease of all or part of what is the subject of this contract.

Failure to comply with the rules established in this contract

Take furniture from inside the house outside (tables, chairs, television, etc.).

Remove or change the location of any decorative element in the rooms and lounges.

Failure to comply with the usual norms of urbanity, hygiene, coexistence or public order.

Responsibilities excluded

Theft, loss or damage that customers may suffer during their stay in the rented accommodation.

The cuts of electricity, water or gas supplies.

The breakage of electrical appliances or any other device that is part of the Accommodation must be communicated to us immediately to make the corresponding notice to the appropriate Technical Service, but the non-assistance by this service will not be a reason for any compensation.

The works that the City Council or other companies outside the Rural House may carry out in the vicinity and that may affect the normal development of the client’s stay.

Any type of major cause, natural or similar that prevents the enjoyment of the facilities of the Rural House