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Excursions through the Penedés from Vallfort

Here are some easy excursions to do from Vallfort. The excursions in this area of ​​the Penedés tend to have little difficulty, which makes them suitable for all levels.

Leaving from the farmhouse we go down towards the Marmellar stream, this stream usually carries little water during the summer months. In winter, however, it is a source of life, creating an ecosystem of fauna and flora among the cultivated areas of vineyards.

Leaving Vallfort in the direction of Lleger, at the crossroads of the winery that takes the name of the Vallfort farmhouse, we turn left and continue our way through the vineyards.

The first detour is a stone path that leads to the stream and has no exit. We turn left at the next cemented path intersection and head towards Andreva house.

We continue on the same path to Romegosa and return along the road to Vallfort.

We follow the path in the direction of Sant Marçal along a narrow road that is traveled by neighbors and farmers. This path is surrounded by vineyards and with a bit of luck you can see rabbits, partridges and even hawks.

Once in Sant Marçal, you can return by the same path or follow the circular route between the fields to avoid the road.

To do a circuit, you can walk near the road in the direction of Castellví de la Marca, near Mont Marçal, until you take a dirt road back to Vallfort.

You can see the circuit in this link, however, there are many other walks to do in the fields of the Penedés, leaving Vallfort in any direction, you will find beautiful landscapes to walk, run or cycle.

Enjoy the route between the vineyards of the Penedés from Vallfort!